Financial Coaching

UW-Extension resource helps families cope with a drop in income

A website titled “Managing Your Personal Finances in Tough Times” is designed to share proven resources used and developed by UW-Extension financial education professionals.

The site focuses on five main areas:

  • Talking with family and managing stress
  • Creating a budget
  • The balancing act:  cutting expenses and increasing income
  • Keeping up with credit and debt
  • Considering foreclosure and bankruptcy

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Do you have financial goals but trouble sticking with “the plan”?

If so, our Free Financial Coaching might be for you!

Financial Coaching provides individuals with support using….

  • a hands-on approach
  • accountability
  • networking
  • goal setting
  • education 

Program Benefits

As a participant, you will:  

  • Meet and work with a trained financial coach, one-on-one
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety about money management
  • Learn how to make your money work harder & smarter for you

Topics will include developing workable spending and money management plans, tracking your spending, household record-keeping, debt repayment strategies, understanding your credit report and credit score, options for resolving financial problems and steps in financial independence!

For more information contact:

Danette Hopke, Human Development & Relationships Extension Educator  

Washburn County UW-Extension