Interviews for Older Members

4-H Interviews are for 4-H members in grade 8 and over (by October 1, 2022).  This is a great opportunity for you to develop the application and interview skills necessary if you ever plan to apply for a job, try for scholarships, or apply for college. Your 4-H interview, together with your Member Evaluation (ME) Summary for Trip and Award Consideration form, will be used in selecting delegates for trips and awards.

Application information is available in July. Interviews take place in August 22nd, 4-8 p.m. and August 24th, 4-8 p.m. at the Oscar Johnson Building in Spooner.

The following is a list of events and achievements that can only be obtained by participating in the interview process.

  • HON (Heart of the North Legislative) Days
  • Space Camp (not this year to staffing shortage)
  • Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference
  • Citizenship Washington Focus
  • National 4-H Congress
  • Outstanding Older Youth Award
  • Key Award

HON (Heart of the North Legislative) Days
Madison, February, 2023. Represent the four county Northwest Wisconsin region which includes Washburn, Barron, Rusk and Sawyer counties. Meet with Wisconsin legislators, department heads and state cabinet level officials to advocate for issues that are unique and specific to needs and issues. This is a learning experience in state government as well as possibilities of: tour the State Capitol, job shadow politicians, and meet other youth from Northwestern Wisconsin. Delegates are expected to attend at least one planning/training in Rice Lake prior to the trip to Madison.  Learn more about Heart of the North Legislative Days.

Space Camp
Held in Huntsville, Alabama April, 2023. (If staffing is available) Delegates participate in hands-on mock space missions and other activities in this NASA program while exchanging ideas with youth from across Wisconsin. Qualifications: must be in grade 8 (maximum age of 15 during trip). Total cost for the trip is approximately $625 with the Adult Leaders Association paying the full cost. Learn more about Space Camp.

Wisconsin 4-H & Youth Conference
Held at the University of Wisconsin in Madison June, 2023. Around 600 youth attend this educational event each summer.  Participants take part in educational seminars and assemblies and meet people from across Wisconsin.  They are encouraged to take what they learn and share it with others in their home communities.  Qualifications: be in grades 8–10.  Conference registration fee (approximately $300) and bus fee is paid by the Adult Leaders Association.  Delegates are responsible for additional seminar fees. Learn more about 4-H & Youth Conference.

Citizenship Washington Focus
Held nine days in June or July 2023 in Washington, DC. CWF is a 4-H leadership program for high school youth from across the country. Participants will be participating in a week-long program focused toward enriching young people’s lives by providing activities for them which broadens their appreciation and respect for themselves and others in their world.  The week consists of participatory workshops, speakers, committee work, field trips and social events.  Qualifications: be in grades 10–12 and have attended 4-H & Youth Conference or Superior Days. Total cost for the trip is approximately $1,400 with the Adult Leaders Association paying the full cost. Delegates are required to attend an audio conference orientation session.  Learn more about CWF.

National 4-H Congress
Held November, 2023 in Atlanta, GA. About 1300 youth from across the nation attend this quality, educational and cross-cultural experience designed to address the needs and issues of youth. The program combines plenary sessions, seminars, discussion groups, and a service learning experience. Qualifications: be in grades 10–12 at time of selection and have attended CWF. Maximum age of 18 as of January in year of travel. Trip cost is approximately $1,200 with the Adult Leaders Association paying the full cost. Learn more about National 4-H Congress.

Outstanding Older Youth Award
This award is given at 4-H Achievement Night in the fall. Awarded to 4-H members who have shown the most achievement and leadership development throughout the past year.

Key Award
This is the highest State 4-H Award possible and is given to the individual(s) who has achieved the most in the past year in terms of club work, county level participation, interview score and record book.

After returning from an award trip, delegates are expected to make a presentation to the Adult Leaders Association as well as their club.

ME-FORM with directions

Activity Pref Ques