Project Committees

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•  Horse

•  Large Animals (beef, sheep swine, dairy, goats)

•  Small Animals (cats, dogs, pets, poultry, rabbits, vet science, llamas)

•  Arts & Communication

•  Family, Home, and Health

•  Natural Resources and Environmental Education

•  Plant and Soil Sciences

•  Mechanical Sciences


The role of the county 4-H project committees is to provide overall leadership to specific project areas and their related events and activities.


The members of the project committees are volunteer adults and youth, including project leaders and parents or other adults who may or may not be associated with the 4-H program but have an interest in the particular project area or who can serve as a resource.

A minimum of three members will make up each committee. Committees will be led by a chair, chair-elect, and secretary who will each serve a one-year term. The chair-elect will move into the role of chair and each year a new chair-elect and secretary will be selected. After holding a leadership role (except chair-elect), an individual must wait two years before assuming another leadership role.


  1. To gather ideas and suggestions from leaders and members involved in the project.
  2. Plan and schedule workshops, tours, special activities, and other enrichment experiences for project members and families. Committees are strongly encouraged to provide at least one event or activity each year. In some cases, the event is predetermined (i.e., Clothing Revue, Foods Revue). Additional events are welcome.
  3. Provide leadership for carrying out events and activities planned.
    •  Organization

    •  Scheduling

    •  Communication

    •  Promotion

    •  Coordination

    •  Involvement

    •  Recognition

  4. Acquire resources needed for events and activities (supplies, chaperones, facilities, etc.).
  5. Recommend record book changes, fair book changes, fair judges, etc.
  6. Periodically report to the Washburn County 4-H Leaders Association on your plans, goals, and activities.
  7. Encourage both youth and adults to join your committee.
  8. It is encouraged that youth members be involved in sharing their skills at events/activities.
  9. Provide an activity at the event that will allow members to work on an item that could be entered in the fair.
  10. Funds for events and activities are available. Submit a request for funds to the Washburn County 4-H Leaders Association
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