Washburn County 4-H

Through 4-H, kids and teens complete hands-on projects in areas of interest, including arts, health, science, agriculture, civic engagement, etc. Youth can also build leadership skills and develop life skills. 4-H is unique for each individual as they choose what they want to be involved in and how much time they can commit.

4-H highlights

4-H Camps

  • Community Clubs
  • Classroom Clubs
  • Afterschool Clubs
  • Military Clubs

Club Activities/Leadership

There are many opportunities for youth to serve as leaders in 4-H. They can serve as youth representatives on the Leaders Council or in their clubs. They can also serve as youth project leaders. We also have a team of youth at the Middle and High School levels who meet throughout the year to plan activities and complete service projects. Contact the Extension office to get involved.

County Project

Livestock, dairy, dogs, leathercraft, horses, shooting sports, arts, STEAM, and More!

Project Guide

Project Committee Sign-Up Sheet

County Fair Participation

Scholarship Opportunities

Need-based Statewide Scholarships are available for State Educational Experiences, made possible through donations to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. You can find more information and apply for a scholarship here.

Programming Areas

  • 4-H Community Club Program and Afterschool
  • Strengthening 4-H Project and Club Leader Support
  • Leadership and Life Skills Development
  • Experiential Learning Focused Programming


All 4-H Clubs must be chartered. Each year, existing 4-H Clubs must renew this charter. Charters are based on completing this “Wisconsin 4 H Annual Charter Renewal” packet. All sections in this six-page packet must be completed by the club leadership team and returned to the Washburn County Extension Office by SEPTEMBER 1, 2024.

All 4-H Groups and Committees that handle finances and have a checkbook or financial account must be chartered. Existing 4-H Groups and Committees must renew their charter each year. Charters are based on completing this “Wisconsin 4 H Annual Charter Renewal” packet. The group or committee leadership team must complete all sections in this six-page packet and return it to the Washburn County Extension Office by September 1, 2024.

Wisconsin 4-H Charter Application for New and Returning 4-H Clubs and Groups

Link contains:

  • Charter Completion Guide
  • Wisconsin 4-H Policies
  • Annual Financial Report
  • Charter Annual Renewal  (fillable PDF or Word Document) – due September 1, 2022-includes club information, calendar/education program, and audit.

How to Save a Fillable PDF Form

  • Completing Wisconsin 4-H Charters—Viewers will learn how to complete the first four pages of the Wisconsin 4-H Charter during the 2023-2024 organizational year, including how to fill in each section of the form, what additional documentation is needed, how to set and plan for club/group SMART goals, and how to plan the club/group calendar of activities.
  • Completing Wisconsin 4-H Financial Records—Viewers will learn how to complete the financial records portion of the Wisconsin 4-H Charter during the 2023-2024 organizational year. This includes information about each section of the financial pages, how to fill out and check the annual accounting form, and what’s required on the second financial page.

INSURANCE DUES (PDF) Due November 12, 2024.


If you have any questions regarding 4-H & Youth in Washburn County, please contact:

Washburn County – Extension
304 2nd Street, PO Box 305
Shell Lake, WI 54871
Phone: 715-635-4444
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