Record Book Pages

Record Book Guide (PDF, 14 pages, 1.9 MB)

General Pages

Washburn County Cloverbud Activity Record Book A 2023 – 2024

Record Book Cover (PDF)

Record Book Cover (Word)

4-H Record Book Score Sheet (Word)

Record Book Score Sheet (PDF)

Title Page (Word)

Title Page (PDF)

4-H ActivitiesPage (Word)

4-H Activities Page (PDF)

My4HYear (Word)

My4HYear (PDF)

Parent/Guardian Comment (Word)

Parent/Guardian Comment (PDF)

Picture Page Example

Picture Page with 1 Caption

Picture Page with 2 Captions

Blank Lined Page (Word)

Blank Lined Page (PDF)

Project Pages

For every project, use a project page for your grade.

Project Page Grades 3-7  (Word)

Project Page Grades 3-7 ( PDF)

Project Page Grades 8-13  (Word)

Project Page Grades 8-13  (PDF)

For the following projects, an additional project-specific page is to be included with the Project Page.

 Microsoft WordAdobe PDF
Dairy GoatsDairy GoatsDairy Goats
Meat GoatMeat Goats Meat Goats
SheepSheep Sheep
SwineSwine Swine
Small Animals  – includes Pets, Cats, Bantams,Pigeons, Poultry, Rabbits, Turkeys, Waterfowl. If you are enrolled in more than one of these projects, use a separate Small Animals Page for each one.Small Animals Small Animals
Crops – includes Corn, Forage, Small Grains. If you are enrolled in more than one of these projects, use a separate Crops Page for each one.Crops Crops
VegetablesVegetables Vegetables
PhotographyPhotography Photography

For horse and horseless horse (showing a horse) projects, use one of the project-specific pages below.

Horse Project Page (Word)Horse Project Page (PDF)
Horseless Horse Showing Project Page (Word)Horseless Horse Showing Project Page (PDF)
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