Record Book Pages

Record Book Guide (PDF, 14 pages, 1.9 MB)

General Pages

Washburn County Cloverbud Activity Record Book C 2022-2023 (3) (5)

Record Book Cover (PDF)

Record Book Cover (Word)

4-H Record Book Score Sheet (Word)

Record Book Score Sheet (PDF)

Title Page (Word)

Title Page (PDF)

4-H ActivitiesPage (Word)

4-H Activities Page (PDF)

My4HYear (Word)

My4HYear (PDF)

Parent/Guardian Comment (Word)

Parent/Guardian Comment (PDF)

Picture Page Example

Picture Page with 1 Caption

Picture Page with 2 Captions

Blank Lined Page (Word)

Blank Lined Page (PDF)

Project Pages

For every project, use a project page for your grade.

Project Page Grades 3-7  (Word)

Project Page Grades 3-7 ( PDF)

Project Page Grades 8-13  (Word)

Project Page Grades 8-13  (PDF)

For the following projects, an additional project-specific page is to be included with the Project Page.

Microsoft Word Adobe PDF
Beef Beef Beef
Dairy Dairy Dairy
Dairy Goats Dairy Goats Dairy Goats
Dog Dog Dog
Llama Llama Llama
Meat Goat Meat Goats Meat Goats
Sheep Sheep Sheep
Swine Swine Swine
Small Animals  – includes Pets, Cats, Bantams,Pigeons, Poultry, Rabbits, Turkeys, Waterfowl. If you are enrolled in more than one of these projects, use a separate Small Animals Page for each one. Small Animals Small Animals
Crops – includes Corn, Forage, Small Grains. If you are enrolled in more than one of these projects, use a separate Crops Page for each one. Crops Crops
Vegetables Vegetables Vegetables
Photography Photography Photography


For horse and horseless horse (showing a horse) projects, use one of the project-specific pages below.

Horse Project Page (Word) Horse Project Page (PDF)
Horseless Horse Showing Project Page (Word) Horseless Horse Showing Project Page (PDF)